enquire nowComplete Shaft Sinking Package
AUD$1.4Million to AUD$1.6Million, or by Private Negotiation

Winder Gear
Bucket Winder No 7 Drum 12.5T
Stage Winder No 7 40hp
2 x main winder sheaves (head frame)
2 x stage winder sheaves (head frame)
4 x stage winder sheaves (stage)
1 x No 7 main winder (exclusive of rope)
1 x No 7 stage winder (including base, drums and controls)
Winder house and controls
5 lilly controllers
Distribution Board 37KW Winder
Electrical cabinets 415v for stage winder and vent fan
11,000 volt to 415 volt transformer
Transformers for lighting and auxiliary power

Head Frame.
Head frame No 7 Hardcastle & Richardson
2 x tippler chutes (inclusive of tipplers and lift cylinders)
Brace doors and decking


Associated Equipment
3 x Cryderman grabs with a multitude of spare cylinders and leather cyl cups2 x Cryderman gimble boxes for stage (inclusive of half moon attachments)
Concrete stage and 2 Octopus
Various trolleys, jumbo, kibble, explosives basket etc x 7
2 x rope riders (monkeys)
Various stage cylinders and jacks
4 x 5 yard kibbles
6 x concrete kibbles
Firing cable winch with some cable
Mains firing box
1 x GA 1408 compressor
1 x Sullair compressor 900 cfm
6 boom pneumatic Jumbo, less drifters
Various lifting hoisting equipment including kibble chains, capells, kibble shackles, manoeuvring glands etc
Air receiver
Cap lamp charging racks
6 x air hoists, 6 tonne air chain blocks
Diesel gen set